Baker Tilly Digital

Digital transformation provides your organization the opportunity to become more efficient, transparent and insightful so you can deliver a more meaningful relationship with your next generation of customers.

We help our clients derive value from data through analytics and technology, whether that be via implementing advanced AI or working to implement basic data processes to get to a “single source of truth,” we understand each client journey is unique.

The growing demand for and consumption of interconnected devices and sensors is creating a massive amount of information that is becoming both a challenge and an opportunity for organizations.

We at Baker Tilly believe that IoT capabilities can create and drive new business models, innovative businesses, and blur the lines between huge blue-chip organizations and small startups – thanks to the ease of entering a digital ecosystem.

With increasing opportunities to leverage digital technologies to propel your organization, comes increasing pressure to successfully enable your organization to rapidly understand, plan, prototype and deploy new technology into the organization.

Baker Tilly can help you achieve this by coupling advanced technologies with extensive process subject matter expertise to design and deploy effective automation solutions that achieve higher rates of success and outcomes related to performance, errors and cost reduction.

Among others, Baker Tilly offer the following Digital Services in Tanzania:

  • Information Systems Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Digital Strategy, Advisory, Services
  • Customization & Implementing of ERP
  • Process Automation
  • Analytics & BI Tools
  • Emerging Technologies – AI/ML/RPA

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